Producing a DVD Collection

1.   First off youíll need to provide your own DVDs and the quantity you would like done.

2.     On a Portable Hard Drive I stated before 1TB = 170 movies and 2TB = 330 and a 500GB = 87 movies more or less.


3.     So please bring or I can pick them up, your DVDs and the External Hard Drive and Iíll do the rest as youíve seen on YOUR DVD COLLECTION


4.     The price for this work are as followed for 87DVDS at .85Ęea DVD X 87 DVDS = $74.00 - or Ė

5.     170 DVDS at .65Ęea = $111.00 and or 330 DVDS at .53Ęea DVD = $175.00.

(Pay only when job is done)



6.     The time frame for this work are as followed 87 DVDs = 3.5 days, 170 DVDs = 7.5 days and 330 DVDs = 15.5 days, all work is guaranteed if a problem arises please call & bring back your Hard drive to fix problems. All work is double checked. Note: not responsible for Crashed Hard Drives.


7.     Iíve had my own hard drives for over a year with no problems this means to treat them with care, they have a lot of data on them donít leave them plug-in 24/7, donít drop them, unplug them slowly after you turn off the laptop or put it to sleep, keep the kids away from the External Hard Drive and any other situations that may cause damage to the External Hard Drive

Connecting the external hard drive to your laptop, or a desktop computer and connecting it to your TV


8.     Instructions:(I will verbally tell you how and give you print outs)


9.     Position the computer and TV where you can access and see the connections on the back without having to strain. Light the area well to maximize vision so that you can confidently connect everything correctly.


10. Connect the HDMI or video cable to the computer then connect the other side of the video cable or the HDMI tothe TV


11. Turn the TV to "Video" display mode by pressing one of the following buttons on the remote control: "Video," "TV/Video" or "Input." The TV will now display the computer just like a monitor does.


12. Plug the hard drive into a USB port on the computer. If the hard drive is not powered by the USB and has a power plug, connect the power plug into an electrical outlet and turn on the power of the external hard drive. Use the TV as you would a regular computer monitor to access your hard drive.


-------------- Sample types of equipment needed for your -------------


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1-terabyte.jpg                                        Glenn E Nelsen


Reply by email will be prompt and I will provide all info needed